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CLOUD COMPUTING involves large no. of computers connected through real time communication network like internet. CLOUD COMPUTING also involves resource sharing and how effectively these shared resources are used. Resources are shared by multiple users and also dynamically re-allocated. CLOUD COMPUTING allows system accessibility from anywhere using a browser. The features of CLOUD COMPUTING make it widely used nowadays.API or application programming interface in CLOUD COMPUTING software allow machines to interact with cloud software.

List of Contents for Cloud Computing Workshop


1- Introduction to Cloud Computing

A- What Is Cloud

B- Types of Cloud

C- Definition of Cloud Computing.

2-Service Models:

A- About IAAS

B- About Paas

C- About SAAS

D- Features of Cloud Computing.

E- Limitation of Cloud Computing

F- Component of Cloud Computing.

3- Advantage and Disadvantage of Cloud Computing

4- About Virtualisation

5- Type of Virtualisation

6- Deployment Model.


1- VLAN concept & practical’s.

2- Create Web page on Google Docs.

3- Create Your Private Cloud.

4- Create your server on


1- How to host your website on cloud and monitor his website.

2- Create a machine on VNWARE.

3- To obtain PAAS on cloud.

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