CCNP Switch

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CCNP SWITCH is one of the three course in the CCNP routing & switching track. In this course you will learn everything about VLANs, trunking, spanning-tree, etherchannels and multilayer switches.

Course Highlights

In this course you will learn:

  • More about the switching topics you already learned in CCNA R&S.
  • How to configure VLANs and Private VLANs.
  • How to configure trunks.
  • The difference between STP, PVST+, RSTP and MST.
  • How to configure L2/L3 Etherchannels.
  • How to configure interVLAN routing with L3 switches.

And many other topics…


Good Knowledge of basic networking and all CCNA R&S switching topics.

Course Schedule

  • Basic overview
  • Network Design
  • VLANs and Trunking
  • Spanning-Tree protocol
  • Spanning-Tree Flavors
  • Etherchannel
  • Switch Virtualization
  • Inter-VLAN Routing
  • Gateway Redundancy
  • Switch Security

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